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  • Andrax

    My magus is in self imposed exile from Korvosa. His father's health isn't the best so the older siblings are beginning to maneuver for advantage. I figured my best maneuver was to get out of town. Hence the "quant" town of Sand Point with the urban …

  • Constantin Valdemar

    Constantin Valdemar, human priest of Sarenrae. Originally from a large family, which itself was a branch of an even larger merchant clan hailing from Magnimar. Constantin came to Sandpoint to be present at the consecration of the cathedral in town.

  • Lukain

    Born and raised in Magnimar. Father and mother have a small butcher shop. One older brother who also works in the shop. Never really cared for city life. Even as a child he would run away for days on end to explore the surrounding countryside. When he was …

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