Niramour Halfallow


has been a fixture in Sandpoint for five decades. Her family moved here from Magnimar nearly 50 years ago, and have operated the Halfallow Trading House for just as long. The business is currently operated by her nephew, as her mother has long since passed on, and her half-brother has retired (She is 72). She never met her father, but has heard stories about him. She tends to stay in Sandpoint over the winter months, and spends her springs and summers on merchant vessels, acting as a representative for her family. She helps negotiate deals with distant merchants and escorts the goods back to Sandpoint. Every year, she returns at the end of summer and brings small gifts to every child in town, usually a toy or book from afar.

She tries to get to know everyone in town, and if any Player Characters are from the area, she Niramour Halfallow grew up with her parents. Her unusual appearance and attitude make her stand out in a community like Sandpoint. She is a tall woman, standing nearly 6ft tall, with skin like burnished bronze and eyes like faceted orange gemstones. Her hair moves with wisps of heatless flame, but does not seem to bother her.

Her reputation in town is not entirely positive. For one, she is flighty, and has left many duties and obligations aside to pursue her current interest. Secondly, although she is a fair trader, many missing wallets and coins have been blamed on her (rightfully) over the years. Nothing has been extensive enough to warrant imprisonment, the local guards are wary of her anyway.

This year, she returns during the Swallowtail Festival to find out that her friend was murdered by goblins. He was a local glassworker that she traded heavily with, and a personal friend as well. Rumor has it, they may have been romantically linked.

Niramour Halfallow

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